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The ratings below range from 5 to 1 stars, with 5 indicating a blissful baby and 1 indicating a more challenging child. But remember, every baby is unique and they all have both good and bad moments.

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Sun Sign: Rating: Target Conception Dates:
Sagittarius February 25th-March 15th
Aries June 25th-July 15th
Leo October 25th-November 15th
Sun Sign: Rating: Target Conception Dates:
Scorpio January 25th-February 15th
Aquarius April 25th-May 15th
Pisces May 25th-June 15th
Taurus July 25th-August 15th
Cancer September 25th-October 15th
Virgo November 25th-December 15th
Sun Sign: Rating: Target Conception Dates:
Capricorn March 25th-April 15th
Gemini August 25th-September 15th
Libra December 25th-January 15th

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Some need a light touch from their parents, and some a tight rein.

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