Romance by Room Feng Shui Report Romance by Room Feng Shui Report
List Price: $2.00 Karma Coins: 20 KCs (Use KCs and Save!)

This easy-to-follow report is full of practical advice on how to increase positive romance energy in your house. Customize your report by picking the room of your choice: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room -- or choose all five rooms for the best bargain. You can add a room to your report at any time. Based on the room(s) you choose, you'll get advice about how to activate the energy you want for better relationships.


Option 1: Ala Carte

Bedroom (5 KCs)

Bathroom (5 KCs)

Kitchen (5 KCs)

Living Room (5 KCs)

Dining Room (5 KCs)


Option 2: All Rooms -- Save Big!

All Rooms (20 KCs)