Karma Coins® Tokens
Karma Coins® tokens (KCs) are credits you can use to get products and services at Tarot.com. The more you buy, the cheaper they are...so fill up your Karma Coins® account for the best deal!

Karma Coins® tokens are the easy and inexpensive way to pay for:

  1. Astrology and Numerology reports
  2. Tarot and I Ching readings

How to use Karma Coins® tokens
It's easy! Just click the order button for any product or service you wish to purchase. Then follow the prompts. That's all there is to it! No credit card hassles or extra forms to fill out.

All of your activity is saved in your personal Karma Coins® account located under "About You" on every page. If you ever have any questions about your Karma Coins® tokens balance, you can get the answer there.