Karma Coins

Karma Coins® tokens are used to get Tarot.com products and services. We created Karma Coins® tokens (KCs for short) for your convenience... so you could take advantage of our great products and services with less hassle and big savings.

The Coolest Things about KCs
  • You control their price
    Get up to 50% OFF when you buy in bulk
  • One-click action
    No tedious entering of credit card or other
    information when getting readings & reports
  • Easy to keep track of
    Check your balance at KC Account under About
    You whenever you want

  Get MORE when you buy in Bulk

Fill up your KC Bag and cut the
cost of Tarot.com products and
services up to 50%.

Find the discount Karma Coins® package that's right for you!

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When you buy Karma Coins® tokens in bulk, you put the power of KCs to work for you. For a lower cost, you get more Tarot, more Astrology, more Numerology and more I Ching. It adds up to the discount level you want and much greater convenience for you!


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