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Oracles as decision-making aids
Used to stimulate intuition, oracles have been considered extremely effective as decision-making aids since the beginning of history. Now, for the first time on the Internet, the Visionary I Ching delivers the world's oldest and greatest oracle -- the I Ching in an energetically authentic way. The I Ching is not only the oldest book in the world, it is the oldest intuitive decision-making aid still in use. For thousands of years, emperors and sages used it to guide the daily affairs of what was the world's most advanced civilization, to make decisions and to grasp new opportunities.

Intuition key component of decision making
Intuition -- including intuition stimulated by divination tools like the Book of Changes, or I Ching, in the East and Delphi in ancient Greece -- has always been a key component of the most important and difficult decisions, including some of the greatest scientific discoveries. (In fact, it was the great scientist Albert Einstein who, together with his friend, the founder of depth psychology, Carl Jung, coined the term "synchronicity," the operative principle of the I Ching). It's interesting to note that the I Ching oracle in particular -- with its yin-yang concept of flipping dual states -- informed the development of binary mathematics by Liebniz in the early 18th century, according to his letters and journals. Over one century later, its impact was profoundly reflected in the new depth psychology of Carl Jung (who studied the Book of Changes for 30 years) and the design of the first digital computers by von Neumann.

Visionary's authentic I Ching consultation
Unlike simple random number generators, which cannot deliver the level of authenticity a genuine I Ching consultation requires, the Visionary I Ching is currently the only accurate way to consult the I Ching using a mouse. Thanks to Shockwave and JavaScript, Visionary I Ching can be programmed to measure the EXACT TIMING of the mouse clicks to determine which of the four kinds of 'lines' make up each position of the hexagram one is 'throwing'. The Visionary I Ching is the only Internet I Ching consultation method that incorporates this exact mathematical rendition of the ancient (and relatively complicated) yarrow-stalk tossing method (even though the program uses the graphic of a querent tossing coins, the more commonly recognized method).

High literary and aesthetic quality
In addition, the Visionary I Ching delivers an I Ching experience of high literary and aesthetic quality, even compared to those in book form. Carefully crafted to avoid arcane, sexist and militaristic verbiage that has come down through the ages, the Visionary I Ching text is poetic and modern, while remaining faithful to the meaning of the Wilhelm-Baynes translation, which was forwarded by Carl Jung himself when it was published in the West. Furthermore, the Visionary  Ching is the only I Ching in any form that includes beautiful original paintings that relevantly illustrate the theme of each of the 64 primary hexagrams, or readings.

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