What is the I Ching?

The origin of I Ching: the world's oldest divination system


The world's oldest book and intuitive decision-making system
The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is the world's oldest book and earliest known intuitive decision-making system. Based on the binary logic of yin/yang, it is used to derive personal strategy and insights based on natural wisdom -- as pertaining to human problems that logic alone cannot handle.

The most intricate numerically-based oracle ever devised
This ancient divination system (approx. 4000 years old) is the most intricate numerically-based oracle ever devised. Most commonly experienced in the form of a book consulted by means of tossing coins or stalks, it is a system for pegging and interpreting patterns of change -- based on a profound understanding of the dynamic processes of Nature that is beyond the daily consciousness of most of us.

A complete and balanced set of human situations
Essentially, the Oracle is used to produce responses to questions and problems. The system interprets which numerical patterns and which responses "like to go together" with what questions posed at a specific moment in time. The founder of depth psychology, Carl Jung, studied the embodiment and operation of the Synchronicity Principle in the Book of Changes for 30 years. He examined the arrangement of universal principles represented by the 64 main readings and their permutations and demonstrated that the system was a self-contained holism. Like Confucius, who reportedly said he wished he could devote an entire lifetime to its study, Jung's conclusions were positive and enthusiastic. He recognized the universality of the I Ching's 64 "archetypes" and how the entire system comprised a complete and balanced set of human situations.

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