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Divination » RCdreamer Writes....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 14:16 PDT

I’ve been encouraged to begin a diary if you will so let’s begin. I came here searching for answers and was pleasantly surprised to find the aid of some truly wonderful and gifted individuals willing to reach out to little old me.

Over the course of the last calendar year and over some time before that I’ve been on a personal journey to better understand the cards life has dealt me and on some strange level just how I managed to continue to get up each day. When I arrived here I was grasping, I was desperate, I wanted the answers I wanted to hear. Mind you I didn’t know that at the time but I do now. I won’t say I don’t still have days like that but I’d like to believe they are fewer and farther between than they used to be.

I encourage those reading my postings to offer their own opinions. Share their experiences. Just be present and know you will not harshly be judged for the curiosity.

I will tell you time and time again “I’m no psychic” but I know deep down I have psychic abilities, it has passed from generation to generation amongst my family. Admitting that here is HUGE. And yet I believe everyone is born with those tendencies it is what we do to develop them or discourage them that helps make us who we are today. In a society where such natural yet supernatural tendencies have been seen horrifically, during the times when people were persecuted for sharing their experiences, at a time when such things were thought to be impossible. Yet today we have shows like Charmed, Supernatural, Medium, Ghost Whisperer and more where such gifts are not looked at as acts against the almighty. I won’t ask you to agree with me. I was born and raised Catholic but this isn’t about religion. It’s about a part of us something that awakens within, something that just is and is often times unexplainable. Share with me your thoughts, your feelings, let’s learn together, help one another, find strength in numbers. This won’t always be about abilities, it will also be about family, friends, everyday life just what makes me tick and at times what makes me tick like a time bomb. Welcome to RCdreamer writes.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010 14:18 PDT

I decided not long after first encountering Tarot.com that I need to experience healing in my life. I needed to put the past behind me once and for all. Come to terms with the things that altered my course, ask for forgiveness where I was wrong and find a way to forgive in my own heart those who hurt me over the years. Now for those of you reading this that are blessed enough to just let stuff like that roll of your back, I’m sure you think my journey is a silly one. But if you carry with you old hurts that haunt you, I’m more like you. The sting of a pain you felt when a bully wronged you as a child, words you cannot escape that cut so deep you still feel the pain, moments when you wished you could stop time and run it backwards to change a reaction or something said that was harmful. I’ve been there, done that, was the kid hurt, made the mistakes, said the wrong things, wished I hadn’t or they hadn’t or I could take them back…..and now here I am.

The guidance I’ve received here has helped me to face my demons, oddly enough most of which I created myself. Carrying the guilt of choices made in the past. Feeling as if I let down my family or hurt others through my actions or perhaps those actions I should have taken and didn’t. I have carried with me pains created by things I don’t remember because they hurt me enough to push them away. Some would think I need the couch of a psychologist. Truth be told I’d be the first to agree with them at times.

But along the way during this period of self reflection I came to terms with the gifts I have had all my life. As a child I knew things, people here understand that, the average Joe, not so much! People dream dreams, they see things happen my own daughter inherited that gift. Some people see spirits, others just know they are there. I know, the lack of “seeing” can freak me out but the knowing always has my attention. Ever hear a voice speak to you and know you are in the room alone. Or should I say you thought you were. I hear things, sometimes. That “still small voice” that is never loud enough to get through my thick skull. Trust it! If you are like me more often than not you have shrugged your shoulders and thought it must be my imagination. Only to realize a short time later you were being warned. Have you ever experienced a feeling that you shouldn’t go somewhere? Did you ever just suddenly know someone was dead, only to get the news a short time later. When the phone rings do you say it’s so and so and find out you were right. Me too, me too and me too.

My mom used to tell the story of being born with a veil. It was something her grandmother told her to help explain why she knew what she did or saw what she saw. I know as a child I used to tell people things that were going to happen without realizing what I was doing. My daughter would dream and her dreams were premonitions. Sharing that and learning about it scared her. My granddaughter she sees our “visitors”, try to explain that to a 2 year old. Sometimes I think it’s her who is explaining it all to me. I really think I learn something new every day. I know one thing there are days when I don’t find the time to come here and I don’t like that. And then there are days when I come here and instantly feel better about an otherwise crummy day. I hope on the pages that follow I can do or say something that will make your day better. Writing has always been an outlet for me, my words may not be perfect, you may see an error here or there but trust this they come from the heart every time, that’s just me.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 14:43 PDT

Oh my dear beautiful RC......I am blown away with this!!...I was just about to go to bed, but I saw your post to me!! I'm SO glad I saw it before I go to sleep!!....I just KNEW you should be writing all your life experiences down in "your diary"!!!...your thoughts, your words are going to be SO SO very helpful to us ALL....I feel very blessed to read and take in and learn from you!!....you are a treasure!! hope you REALLY know this!!!....I so look forward to many more days of "YOUR DIARY" my friend....I really do feel your beautiful heart!!....

night night RC see you tomorrow

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 18:36 PDT

As I've said before, everyone has psychic ability. everyone has access to universal guidance.
the only difference is that some people takes time to develop it, while some people are more 'sensitive'. this is why learning to develop intuition is better than relying on other people's ability, especially because each person has it anyway.

I keep a journal myself, I write my dreams and visions I receive in meditations, any other guidance I receive from those more knowledgeable than I am. It's a good thing to keep track of them, that's how I find answers and solutions, by going back in time. because if the lesson was not learned in the past, then it will repeat. so when I go back to read past events, I actually learn the lessons. Those I learn from, are not in this forum. But I do learn much about astrology from 2 great people in this forum. We can learn from anything and anybody, even the most unlikely people. I once had a young (and some would call him incompetent) boss that I didn't like, and yet from him I learned not to let negativity affects me. From a constant whiner at work, I actually learned to 'work to live' not 'live to work' a good lesson in managing energy. From a fanatical mother, I learned to have pride in myself and (if I ever have a child) in raising my offspring. because where will mother's pride lie, if not in the success of her offspring? From cheaters and liars I have met, I learned to be cautious. There is a saying 'you don't steal from a thief'. From a violent person, I learned to protect myself. because that is the only way to stay alive around him.

I still don't like them, but I can't say they don't teach me anything, because the journal records it all and since life is about learning and moving forward, keeping a journal is like keeping a record of wisdom and knowledge you have learned. It's fun keeping journals, although I lost a few diaries when I moved out. But the most important ones are still strong in memory.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 21:15 PDT

HealingWays and LeoScorpion thank you both for your comments. I'm not sure if this "diary" if you want to call it that will come across as sharing an experience or me being a pompous you know what, the latter is certainly not my intention. Believe me when I say I have learned a great deal on this forum and I have learned a great deal outside this forum also. But what matters most is that I have opened up to that learning experience, something I might not have done say five years ago.

It was a tiring day with the little one, she has far more energy than this grandmother but I simply love every second I get to spend with her and watching her explore the world around her.

Lately I'm feeling very pressured, very tired, drained. Some might know how that correlates to the planetary alignments and such as for me I'm no expert on that topic in any way, shape or form. I read a lot about it but have barely begun to truly understand much of it at all. I wondered today if the hurricane approaching our East Coast could have this affect on us? I guess that is something worth looking up.

So tonight as I head for bed, I will do so being thankful for my many blessings and with the intentions I hope will bring about answers as my body rests.

Thursday, September 2, 2010 1:45 PDT

RC, you could never come across as pompous!! we all know your beautiful "energy"....
and talking of a different type of energy, I know what you mean about the tiredness and feeling drained, I haven't had much quality sleep in long time, yes, I get about 7 or8 hours most nights, but is restless sleep, I've been trying all sorts of things to improve it....but, I have to say, it's mainly caused by my irrational fear of being alone in this house at night, it is my biggest quest at this moment of my life to learn the lesson of "letting go of irrational fear".....I know I will succeed!!....
looking forward to reading more of your daily thoughts and insights my friend :)

LeoScorpion, I wished I had kept a diary from all my experiences from years ago, I kind of gave it ago in my school days but I didn't stick with it, I can see now what a wonderful tool for learning about ourselves it could be, but I was a very young Mum and went on to have four children and the thought of keeping a diary went out the window....and how true when you say it's all about "learning and moving forward" :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010 3:11 PDT

Hi everyone.

Thank you RC for starting this thread :)

This morning , I was just scouring the net on dreams - something I've done before,but my dreams are becoming more vivid with people I don't know - 1 in particular has appeared several times now - I am incredibly comfortable with these people - esp. this one , with whom I am so very closely connected.

Any one have opinions/ideas on familiar strangers in dreams ? places you've never been too or are aware of ever having seen-that feel like home?

A stranger - of the opposite **** that is also 'like home' ..( I want to add,that my dream experiences with this 'other' , whilst it's so intimate, it's not really s**ual , it doesn't feel needy either, but holding & touching(-by that I mean like holding/touching eachothers hands) is something I / we can't get enough of!! the first dream I remember, we were talking & our lips touched-like a kiss-but we were uttering the same things - talking at the same time-not actually kissing.This stranger is quite alot taller than me too.It feels complete!

Thursday, September 2, 2010 5:06 PDT

HealingWays, Glad I don't come across as too full of hot air as they say. LOL As for your irrational fear, don't think of it as irrational. To you it is very real therefore you must overcome it. Do you have any pets? Do you sleep with your bedroom door open or closed? These may seem like silly questions but I have been where you are. Years ago like many who have these insights we do I had and still do have a horrible fear of darkness. Now don't get me wrong I have overcome some of that, I still prefer a light to be on somewhere it just doesn't necessarily have to be in the room I'm in. But complete darkness just weirds me out to an almost intolerable condition. Anyway, if you have a dog or cat do they sleep in your room? If not, their presence there might make you more comfortable in not feeling so alone. If there is not pet to cuddle up to or feel the presence of then we go to the door. Some people are perfectly comfortable sleeping with a wide open door, it allows more air in, you can hear if there is a noise elsewhere in the house, no closed off feeling etc. But i have found using the closed door is the flip side, yes it may lack a little air flow but seems somehow more secure, I can still hear a pin drop if there is a noise in my house but with the door closed it's easier to rationalize oh that was the branch against the window, that was the heater kicking on, that was the neighbor slamming the laundry room door, etc. As for the light, I got around that too but keeping a nightlight of sorts on in the hallway. Even the tightest of doors has a minor crack to allow in light somewhere and for me that is just enough to keep me sane.

I must say since I was told about counting my blessings before I go to sleep it has made a big difference in the mood in which I wake up each morning. I'm kind of a morning person anyway so I don't usually wake up super grumpy but I do need a few minutes to collect myself, something that can be lacking in the home of a two year old. Mind you it makes my night time ritual a little longer and I'll admit I often times fall asleep before I am done but I've seen the difference in myself.

I'm with you on the sleep issues. Waking up fully drained after sleeping 6-8 hours. I'm hoping when the crisp air of fall arrives, perhaps all that will change, maybe it's just the transition and I never noticed it before.

Thursday, September 2, 2010 5:15 PDT

peacelili, glad you liked the thread so far. As far as the dreams go I've found since I am opening up more my dreams are becoming more vivid, more complicated, at times they wear me out. Like you I often see people that are unfamiliar to me but they are often times mixed in with those I do know. Your connection to the place almost sounds like a deja vu moment like perhaps you lived there in a different lifetime so it is familiar to you. Or you could be astral planing there and just not realize your spirit is leaving you body to go on the prowl so to speak. Ever feel like you fall like a thud into your bed? If so, you are probably traveling.

With respect to the intimate relationship in your dreams. I'm no expert there. You could be encountering a soul mate, perhaps you are just creating in your mind the perfect scenario. Wouldn't it be nice after all to have the perfect relationship with someone you truly care about who loves you in all the ways you want them to unconditionally? I think everyone wants that on some level.

If you think of it before you go to bed next time, put the thought into your mind that you want to ask who this person is, what is their connection to you? Perhaps in the dream you'll get the answer you are seeking.

Thursday, September 2, 2010 5:42 PDT

Today I can't help but think of The Abundance Broadcast. I was so honored to be chosen and had high expectations for what I was hoping to get out of it. I'll admit it the first thing I thought of was some financial relief, plain old ordinary, money. I found myself disappointed when at first it didn't come my way almost miraculously. The truth is I don't think I was open to receive it in the beginning even if it had come my way. But in the process I've realized that abundance and prosperity are not only measured by dollars and cents. As I struggled with my frustration I noticed other things, dreams becoming more clear, lasting long enough to remember, people connecting with me who had long been apart, sharing of thoughts and beliefs in ways I never could on what I refer to as "the outside world". So in as much as I didn't get the big bucks I'd been hoping for I did receive abundant love from those praying on my behalf. I received prosperity in the form of their sharing with me the hope for something better. I learned to open up more as I now admit I was closed off in so many ways. Learning to open up is an experience for me. I've lived behind my walls for so long the concept of being open, open to receive, to actually concentrate on doing something to make my own needs and desires important was a tough one for me to wrap my head around. I think I am beginning to get it though on some levels. I don't doubt I'll still put others needs before my own but maybe once in a while I will consider my own a little more important once in a while.