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Saturday, March 31, 2012 12:50 PDT


that is taking me for granted right? Or not?
Ok... I want to agree with you, but I can't. The cards do though!
The cards do say that he's doing this as a last resort, but because he knows he is safe. I think he feels confident that if he decides to come back that he knows he can reawaken your feelings for him again, and you will accept him back.
The reason I can't agree is because I do think you have set yourself up like this. That you have showed him you're too willing to be there. In his mind, he has already decided well she was willing then, why not now?

When did being a safe place mean so little?
Because I think, for him, it started as a an affair rather than real love. I don't mean that he was with other women, but that he was thinking of this in short-term dating versus going serious with you.

What do you mean exactly?
You dated your instructor and despite things falling out little by little and what seems awkwardly you chose to be there. Perhaps if it were him in your shoes, he would have avoided the situation all together, and may have even ran.

Does he know that he 'created' this awkward situation with me?

How does he feel about it?
That there was nothing he could do as circumstances were not allowing him to do what he wanted. He had to withdraw.

And also, is it still likely that he will want to meet me and talk anytime soon?
Yes, as he does want to "restart" his life. It may be as early as the 6th of April by what the cards show

With his little episodes, it almost gave me an impression that he could be on steroids as those are some of the same symptoms, but I asked and the cards do not show anything like that. I just think it is in his personality to run away from issues and to be a bit moody, but nothing really drastic as it being a clinical or drug issue as I had thought. He just seems difficult.

The cards keep telling me to follow your dreams. But in the long run, I think it should be something that you really do believe you can do. I think that you have doubts in your dancing, and that's damaging in a sense. I think that you'll continue that doubt, but that perhaps it's that you have a desire be respected and viewed as a pillar of society. Perhaps that you want to help people from all walks of life and be someone that can bring some sort of balance and equality.
Hey, have you ever thought of becoming a politician or to fight for women's rights or children's right? Maybe you could be a world leader?

Saturday, March 31, 2012 15:59 PDT

EIAI thank you so much for the reading it is very accurate

Saturday, March 31, 2012 17:16 PDT

i need an insight into this matter if you could please help !!
i want to know what are SG's true feelings for me ? and what is she expecting from me to do when we meet in few days ?!
also what are R's true feelings for me ? is he hiding something from me ? what exactly he desires from me in this relationship ? what is advice for me in terms of him ?!!

thank you so much for your insight !

Saturday, March 31, 2012 19:20 PDT


what are SG's true feelings for me ?
SG truly loves you and wants you to be successful. She's willing to help you through whatever you need.

what is she expecting from me to do when we meet in few days ?
That you will finally realize to invest or trust them. She wants you realize that it's time to take the next step -- take the new opportunity that is at your door.

what are R's true feelings for me?
You bring stability and safety to him. He likes this, but that he may be thinking that he wants more and isn't so sure you can give it to him.

is he hiding something from me?
Yes, and it's more than likely already known to you.

what exactly he desires from me in this relationship?
Wedding + Economy + Impulse
That he doesn't just doesn't want to have a "normal" relationship. He wants excitement and for you to try and break out of your routine once in a while. He feels you're just trying to act a part in your relationship.

what is advice for me in terms of him?

Saturday, March 31, 2012 19:22 PDT

Sorry for posting this separately, Ilikecolors.

You advice would be to learn to indulge a little says, the Venus card. Perhaps you holding on to outmoded ways of interaction and this is boring him. It's time you show him what you feel and enjoy your love for him. The Goddess Venus says that a little of what you fancy does you good so as long you have a boundary, but can still enjoy your relationship that everything will be ok.

Saturday, March 31, 2012 21:19 PDT


I got a little confused with what you were disagreeing with or the cards were agreeing with. LOL.

My interpretation is: He IS taking me for granted, but is because I allowed him to. In continuing to be available and not taking him to task – in spite of the way things were unravelling and the way I was being treated. I am the one who should have left/withdrew. That about right?
If so, then thank you for allowing me to understand this. And for explaining it in a kind way. HUGS :)

I did withdraw because I was hurt. But the overriding desire for reconnection and an explanation led me to still leave the door open for him. I don't see an issue with being with him (instructor) because both of us are aduls (and we're not that young anymore).

The problem is I thought I was fighting for what I want, but I didn’t see the implications of the way I was doing it, or of the circumstances. I wasn't valuing or respecting myself enough (although I didn't mean to do that) - and consequently, I have lost value in his eyes. The exact opposite of what I hoped he'd feel.

It is somewhat an issue of personal boundaries and of self-respect and care. I’m getting better at it, but it’s still something I tend to make mistakes with, especially in a relationship/dating scenario. I don’t realise the messages I am sending out. And in this case, I guess I was ‘telling’ him that he could take me for granted – and that’s what he is doing.

Although I love him - it's almost as if I have to 'insist' that he is there for me all the way - the same way I want to be there for him - before I let him back in, if he wants to come back, that is. I have to be honest with myself about what I really want from him. Correct?

I see that he is reconnecting with others recently, coming out of his shell. But why would I be on that list – when he has alienated me for 5 months? – does he value me at all anymore?

Glad to hear his apparent moodiness is not due to drugs or a disorder. Guess I’m a little sensitive to seeing this in others, because my ex (mentioned above) had a disorder and I inadvertently realised it long before he was diagnosed.

If I were to follow my dreams – then it should be Dance I should pursue. But the doubts are hard to shake because in a practical sense, my physical limitations are preventing me from acquiring the ability to do this at a higher level. But it is the only thing I’ve felt I have some talent in.

You are partially right - inherent in me is a need to speak out against injustice and to look out for and protect those I care about. But I am also an introvert and I don’t like being in the limelight. I’m also not a people person. If I could have a job I loved, and adequate income to do what I wanted, I’d be really happy living a simple life in a cottage somewhere :P

And about the other guy – we’ll call him R. Went to his class again last night. And he texted me after. We traded a couple of text messages. I can see that he’s curious about me and I don’t mind making friends. But I’m unsure if I should be entertaining him at all.

I don’t exactly trust myself right now - because of the pickle I’ve found myself in with ‘my’ guy. There is a part of me that wonders if R will start telling the other guys (and/or girls) in the class what I tell him if we continue to interact. Like I’m some sort of conquest – because he’s the first to find out information about me, when I’ve tried to remain mysterious (as Scorpios love to do..haha). Because I think the guys did notice me (even the married ones), even though I like to blend into the wallpaper (LOL!).

Argh - Please tell me he’s not the guy that you mentioned I would meet :( Almost feels like the Universe is teasing me :( Can’t be with the one l love so Heaven just throws more into the mix :P

What’s your take on this situation and how should I proceed?

Saturday, March 31, 2012 21:52 PDT

thank you so much for this insight . i was just wondering if this reading is about SG or someone else? i mean we share a pretty vague relationship that is hard to define. there have been ill feelings attached to this relationship in the past . i have felt betrayed and conned by her . she has been fake to me in the past . it made me a few minutes to actually believe what you have given me as her feelings for me . could it be possible that you have read someone else than her ? i am just curious here to know. however , it's pretty true in R's case... i have been distant and acting detached according to him. but i had my own reasons to feel and act the same way as i did. i am trying , but it seems to be a long journey before i start indulging in what this reading suggesting me to do !

can i ask for more insight to have a better understanding of where i am at today , only if you have time to help me out ?!

what am i supposed to be doing going forward ? i currently don't work and have recently experienced a great upheavel in my relationship and am still recovering from the hurt i incurred due to it . can you tell which way my life is moving and what new direction is it taking as i have no clue where i am headed in life presently .
also relationship wise , what should i be ready for next ? is there anything that i should be focussing on going forward that could bring me maximum satisfaction in the long run ?

basically i want to know where should i invest my energies so i can get maximum benefit , both emotional and material !!!!!!

thank you so much for helping me with your readings . they truly are helpful at this point for me to understand things better .

thanks a lot !

Sunday, April 1, 2012 8:51 PDT


Should i go on the speed-date tomorrow,, its not that bother me,, i have bad feel re paying them on-line to do it, know it pay pal but, unsure


Sunday, April 1, 2012 10:10 PDT

Hello, ElAl!
may i ask you please to do a reading about my job. Will i find the job i will like ? what are the attitude of employers toward me. and maybe what i should do? or just what the cards want to tell. Thank you!

Sunday, April 1, 2012 17:59 PDT


I asked if you should go, and it looks positive either way should you go or not.

Should you go:
Compromise + Visitor + Reputation
You may well meet someone that you were not expecting. Things will go well and you feel like you will have made progress.

Should you decide not to go:
Sword + Two Paths + Responsibility
You'll probably be thinking about going the last minute and may even regret it, but in the long run, you probably will feel as if you have other things to tend to.

It's fine if you go or not, just try and have fun either way.