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Thursday, March 29, 2012 18:58 PDT


what kind of plans backfired?
That he didn't get what he wanted from you. His realization that this was as far as it was going made him stop things. I think he feels he was begging and there was a limit for him to do so.

If your cards show that he doesn’t want us to be friends why should I bother?
I think I muddled things. I asked together if he wanted and needed your friendship.
He may want it, but he doesn't need it. He knows this. I also think that you're the one still in love with him. You're the one wanting to hold on to him.

So he still feels something for me, maybe that’s why I still feel his presence, are we still connected or is just me that feels it?
The connection, the attraction is still there, but it is over now. I think that you're the one with hope that this love can be rekindled.

What do your cards tell about this?
Negotiation + Palace + Commitment
Maybe some bitterness, that you want to think that your life isn't bad without him, but that you want him to know that you're better since him. You have to move on to better things as they are waiting for you.

Can you tell me if I will succeed on this one?
Not entirely, at first you will have a good start and maybe advance, but something is going to stop you. Perhaps, that psychology isn't exactly the thing you're supposed to be in but maybe a branch of it or something else that you can do to help people. It may be something new and something you will think of and possibly invent.

Thank you, too, Maria.

Thursday, March 29, 2012 19:18 PDT


This is in a romantic sense?
Oh... It's more like a "If things don't turn out well" thing. It's not that he takes you for granted, it's that he knows that you're the safest place for him. As if your arms are always open for him to come back.

Why does he respect me as his student?
Because he probably thought you were going to quit, but instead you stuck through despite everything that has happened.

Ooh how can i be a heartbreaker if I don't break hearts? Haha.. I do notice that men sometimes stare, but no one even approaches me.
-Do you always look down? Or maybe your eyes show an intensity that tells men, "Talk to me and I'll punch!" (laughs) I bet when you smile is when you brighten the room.

Is there anything to suggest that he might have a mood disorder, like manic-depression (bipolar)?
I know with the normal tarot this can be indicated, but I'm not sure. I'm going to ask a simple Yes or No to this and see what I get.
I asked if he was Manic, but the cards did not indicate that he was.
Instead they gave me that he was very rash and prone to impulse (typical for men?)
He tries to hide and conceal these things, but they come out in bursts. Maybe it says that he's not handling his emotions at this moment.

Will I be able to find a better job and leave anytime soon? When?
Recharge + Sleeper + Bouquet
You may find a job that you love, but I don't see that it will be any time soon. I think right now it's time to look. The sleeper card shows a woman dreaming, I think it's time to reach inside yourself and find things that you have long have forgotten. As in what did you want in your childhood? or what did you think of doing before now? It's time to look for something that you love and see if there are any opportunities.
Until then, it may not be time for you to leave.

Thursday, March 29, 2012 19:25 PDT


Oh! I hope this weekend is just eventful as the last! :)

I was wondering what you can tell me about what to expect this weekend ?
These cards fell:
Challenge + Stone
Doesn't look all too good as things will become difficult. Maybe a family issues or something with your home will come up and make you stay as close to home as possible in case something else comes up.
Compromise + Instinct + Stability
Things don't look as exciting as last week, but perhaps even through all this, you may still be able to grow a friendship or a relationship. Perhaps if you have to be stuck at home you'll be able to invite someone and talk and share for hours.
By the end, you'll feel like something more has grown and that your issues with family or home have been better dealt with and almost resolved.

Thursday, March 29, 2012 19:41 PDT


Can I please ask you a question for Tarot - do you see me moving back to my home country in the next couple of months?
Thank you.

Thursday, March 29, 2012 20:13 PDT

Hello Elaine,

Do you see me moving back to my home country in the next couple of months?
Precipice Card fell when I was asking.
I think it means that you will not. It will be problematic as there might be many legal issues in your current country of residence that do not allow you to leave. Until these things get resolved, you may have to stay where you are.

Friday, March 30, 2012 1:07 PDT

thanks for taking the time to do this in your busy schedule EIAI. i hope everything goes well with your studies.
i didn't get one thing about the reading you did. you mentioned my making peace with someone who might be from my past and also if i find someone he'll be lying and deceiving and overall not a great person. are these about the same guy? i mean the one from my past? or the lying and deceiving guy is someone new?

thanks again and much love!

Friday, March 30, 2012 6:25 PDT

Thank you for your reading EIAI. it was scarily accurate - if I leave the country i'm living in now, I may not be able to return because of Visa issues!

Friday, March 30, 2012 9:34 PDT

Thanks EIAI,

And sorry for this really long one - completely understand you're busy with school, so it's ok if you need time to reply this.

Basically - I don't get it. If I'm a safe & welcoming person/place for him, why is he keeping me as the last resort? "only if things don't turn out well" - that is taking me for granted right? Or not?...argh confusing.

When did being a safe place mean so little? It comes naturally for me - being this way - and I guess it's what I want to feel from someone else as well. I would really value it. That's why I don't understand why he doesn't value it in me (or if he does, why he isn't backing it up with action).

"Because he probably thought you were going to quit, but instead you stuck through despite everything that has happened."

What do you mean exactly? As in he thought I might quit because because he left - and I would be angry/upset/hurt? And it would be difficult for me to keep going to his class?

Does he know that he 'created' this awkward situation with me? How does he feel about it?
And also, is it still likely that he will want to meet me and talk anytime soon? As in really talk about things. Not small talk. You mentioned there was a possibility early April...

The reason I asked about the manic depression, I've noticed his cycle of moods over a year and a half. He has low seemingly depressive periods when he withdraws into himself, and then elated high energy times when he is very expressive and social. Maybe hypomania, cyclothymia. A milder version so to speak, or perhaps he is high-functioning. We all have traits, but it's not really a disorder unless it affects your life significantly. People have been known to be more productive, creative and popular when in a hypomanic phase. That's why it is not immediately recognized as being an issue. But impulsiveness is part of it.

Can you help me check again? Or if there is anything else you can tell me.

"Do you always look down? Or maybe your eyes show an intensity that tells men, "Talk to me and I'll punch!" (laughs) I bet when you smile is when you brighten the room."

Hahaha! Oh No - I hope i don't come across that agressive :P Yeah I tend to look down. But I also tend to smile a lot, and you are right - I can see people relax when I smile.

what I wanted to do in childhood... you mean besides being a rock star? LOL. Seems that many of us wanted (still want) to :) I don't really know. It's just been a struggle trying to find out something other than dance that I really love to do - that I can also do as a job. Any insight here?

Thanks a bunch and have a great weekend!

Saturday, March 31, 2012 11:50 PDT


The cards indicate that it may be someone from your past that may lie to you.

Saturday, March 31, 2012 11:52 PDT


Oh... I hope these issues get resolved.
I asked the cards and they say to have confidence in yourself. Things may not be going the way you want, but that so long as you believe and actively try to resolve these issues, that you will be successful.
It doesn't look bad, but that you do have to do some extra work!

All my best for you!