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Friday, March 16, 2012 20:44 PDT

There's more in the book about Archangel Gabrielle and it seems really a propos.
"Additional message: 'I am with you as one of your guardian angels. You may wonder why an archangel is with you. I help many people simultaneously, and you are among them. I help those whose life purpose is in the arts or communication. I will help you polish and trust in your natural talents. Then I will open doors for you to express those talents in a way that will help others.... What I need from you in return is honesty and cooperation. Tell me (Archangel Gabrielle) about your fears, your hopes, your confusion, your insecurities, and your dreams. Ask me to help you. And then please walk through the doors of opportunity that I open for you. I am on your side completely! My function is to be your coach, and as such, I may prof you along. Please know that I am only pushing you because I know that you need a little boost from above'"

Friday, March 16, 2012 21:52 PDT

Thanks Fire!

Your reading is impressive.
It brought chills down my spin!
Somehow, Angel communication is so mysterious, yet so direct! Usually when I do something new I'm really indecisive and always need a good push. Archangel Gabrielle certainly points out my issues.

How do you feel?

How did you get interested in tarot? I'm also very curious about the pendulum and runes.
Do you use them together with your cards?
Did someone lead you or inspire you or were you just interested or curious?

Saturday, March 17, 2012 1:57 PDT

thank you EIAI again. :) The first man used to mean a lot to me. :(

Saturday, March 17, 2012 7:44 PDT


Don't blush hehe :) You're quite intriguing, really!

Not sure what you mean by 'he might not have been able to say no to her'?

That whole paragraph in which you described why they did not work - I'm wondering if he felt that way about me?

Or were we different? Does/did he hink we have/had enough to try for something more serious? At least that's the feeling I got from him? Like we had potential to go somewhere with each other.

I'm surprised that he didn't date the other lady. Cos trust me, she is exhibiting the same lovelorn symptoms as me, haha. And I feel it is for him. He and I also started as friends and morphed into more and we had our fair share of obstacles in the way when we were dating. Unless I'm mistaken and she's actually feeling this about someone else?

I need to ask you more about my finances. My family financial situation has taken a turn for the worse and I'm very stressed out about money. I wanna be able to help more but I'm not earning as much as I need to be, to do that. I don't think I will get a raise anytime soon. We're all underpaid in my team - and I'm the lowest paid. The boss is stingy with such things. Is there any indication of a timeline within which my finances will improve?

I made a small, low risk investment. I was skeptical but I gave in because I had nothing to lose. Do you see that this will pay off and when? I mean it would certainly help with family finances, which is a prime concern at the moment.

The way things are going - it is quite a probability that I'll miss out on this new person I'm supposed to meet. Cos there's just too much on my mind, and I feel that maybe I should spend more time alone. I know I should be with friends, but it's hard when there's so much strife and I don't feel comfortable telling anyone.

You're right - it is weird. What have scary accidents got to do with New Love? Haha, bizarre. I don't know what I'm not seeing, EIAI. If I knew, I'd have seen it by now. Does it necessarily mean a person or maybe just me feeling more passionate about my Dancing now. Cos I definitely feel that.

Talking about Dance, can you tell what he thinks about me and my Dancing? Eg how I dance, am I any good etc? It is something we have in common, it is what drew us together I think, besides an attraction. I love Dance - and right now, amidst all these issues, it is one of the balancing forces in my life.

Thanks a bunch!

Saturday, March 17, 2012 11:11 PDT


Thanks as usually you were very accurate in your reading and it hurts a lil what you said about E. coz it´s true, yes his not one woman man, his always looking for more fun, he also can be very promiscuous and that was what made me break with him and refrain myself in letting everything for him, I knew it was a mistake, that what connected him to me was a huge attraction and the thought of having a new beginning without commitment, coz in the past he was really hurt when he exposed his feelings, and now I think that he blames and his being very protective bout himself and blaming women for what the other did to him, so now he takes advantage of everything and moves on.
Yes I also agree with the need of him being accepted that’s why he wasn’t able of telling me what he really wanted, coz in didn’t wanted to look bad.
I don’t know bout the psychic thing, coz he doesn’t believe in reincarnation or angels he just believe in 1 God, sensitive I think he is coz he have the ability of reading people well.
But I have this thing bout seeing the good in others and feel what they are feeling and knowing before things happen with a person what that person with do to me, for ex. With him I knew he was going to hurt me a lot, but that he also needed me, still don’t know what he needed it or if he still does.
We got connected and he came into my life with a purpose, half of that I already discover what it was-making myself believe more in me, to love me more.
The other part was to go back to my medium abilities I closed myself to that, and because of him and what was going on with me in that time I discover that I was being called again, I had premonitory feelings and dreams with him that came thru and he got scared and didn’t believed me, yep I did wrong trusting in him like that, but how could I have explain that I knew something real bad had happen to him without no one telling me?
Now Im searching for answers in that department I know that I have an angel with me all the time, I go to a place that healing cures are made and the person who does it is a very powerful medium, that told me that Im medium too but Im still denying it, How can I not, if I don’t understand the purpose of this gift or curse. What do your cards tell about this?
And yes I already knew that I need to forgive myself, but cant yet, coz I caused so much hurt to G. when I left him for E. just to chase an animal instinct. And that haunts me all the time coz I went against all I believed to pursue a fantasy with E.
I know deep in my heart that I will only have piece of mind when I talk again with E. and make my peace with him and have the answers I want. , but then again I think he will not give them to me. Can you take a look at it-once he told me sum that I didn’t understand, I don’t know if he told me I love you or I don’t love you? And the other question is if he talked about us coz I heard a rumour that hurt me a lot, that why u see hanger towards him from me. Coz he always reassured me that he didn’t talked bout his life with no one, especially bout me. So in regards to E. I need closure so I can move on.
And going back to G. makes me feel more secure and hopeful that something real good is coming for us, but when we were apart he also found another girl and I still have issues with that I don’t know if he really loves me or if he just came back because we were one of those couples that everyone wants to be. Can you check out?
And now G is asking me to be pregnant and I do want a child just don’t know if that will happen, coz this was one of the things that made us apart coz we tried and nothing. Do you see us together and having a child?
I still love G. but the lust is gone and I want it back, but like you said I need to find myself 1st again in order to be able to give and love again.

Thank you for your time and patience, sorry to burden you with all this, but I do feel that you have the answer that I need to take the next step.

Blessings. Maria

Saturday, March 17, 2012 12:55 PDT

Well, it's pretty cool to pull cards for someone else - it's like you're the medium. I was amazed that the same card came out twice for you, even after all the shuffling - it's like a full size 50 card deck! But, I did have the thought the first time that that same card would be right for the singing question too, and then lo and behold, the cards thought so too! I guess where I'm more uncertain is in the intuitive reading part. Though, I would like to get stronger at that too.

I can't exactly remember when I started being drawn to cards, etc. But, my husband had a deck when we got together (the Morgan-Greer) and we did some readings about us. Then, little by little, I came across other types of cards... I never get tired of them! The runes are nice - they feel good and the Ralph Blum book is really positive and upbeat, inspiring... the pendulum is one I cought from a local woman who makes them, but you could make your own... I just ask it a question and if it turns clockwise (my hand holding still and steady) the answer is yes, and if it goes back and forth or counter clockwise, the answer is no... you can ask it to show you "yes" and "no, so you'll know what to look for. It's pretty nice too.

How did you get interested?

Saturday, March 17, 2012 13:38 PDT

Sorry bout the confusion, but somehow im always having probs with my nics, now the new one doesn´t log in, before it was my old one. So now i have 2 nics sorry again.Guess the old one now its the one that works,lol.

Saturday, March 17, 2012 19:00 PDT


It'll all be alright.
The Angels say that you entering a time of great blessings. For now, listen to music as they will be speaking to you from there.

Saturday, March 17, 2012 19:31 PDT


Not sure what you mean by 'he might not have been able to say no to her'?
What ever she asked, he could not deny her.

I'm wondering if he felt that way about me?
Yes and no. I think it's a trait of his kind of being the "follower" in a relationship but with you the cards say that you were easier for him to be comfortable as you got along great as friends.

Or were we different?

Does/did he hink we have/had enough to try for something more serious?
Not currently, but in the past he did.

Unless I'm mistaken and she's actually feeling this about someone else?
When I asked about her the Disillusion card and the Negotiation card fell. So yeah, she definitely is going through some emotional hardships.
It seems like, yes, it is because of him. I think she really was hoping for something to happen.

Is there any indication of a timeline within which my finances will improve?
The cards say that by May (9-12)things will start to improve. You got the responsibility card so you family is really emphasized on this one. I think what it's saying if you keep trying to look for better ways to earn for your family that you will find a way to make more money.

Do you see that this will pay off and when?
The cards are very positive for your investment. By April (25-28) you hear news related to it

Does it necessarily mean a person or maybe just me feeling more passionate about my Dancing now?
It seems like it is for a person. One that you will eventually end up helping out.

Can you tell what he thinks about me and my Dancing?
He... does not like it... I think he feels that you try and show off a little to much, but that you need to have more energy. He doesn't seem all to happy.
I'm sorry... I asked twice just to make sure. He's a mean one.

Saturday, March 17, 2012 19:52 PDT


When I first looked at the post I thought, "Why is this person talking so much?" Then I read it and I realized it was you. (laughs)
I still call you Maria, right? :)

I think you being an empath is what led you to him. You seem like the motherly, "I'll take care of you type" so you saw the little lamb and decided to foster it. Turns out the lamb was a Wolf!

What do your cards tell about this?
The commitment card fell for you. I think they are telling you that you should look into these abilities of yours and try to grow them. When you forget to love and nurture one part of yourself you do it to your entire yourself. Your self work will never be completed until you accept yourself.

I don’t know if he told me I love you or I don’t love you?
He might've said 'I don't.'

Did he talk about you with others?
It doesn't seem like he talked bad about you.

Does G really love you?
I think it's because of the past that you both share. He may love you, but he may not be in love with you.

Do you see us together and having a child?