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Psychic » For BImoon

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 19:19 PST

No I have no back problems. the pain is in both ****.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 19:30 PST

Thank you blmoon for answering and promising to come back when more energy I appreciate it very much....

Monday, January 16, 2012 11:45 PST

I have not forgotten you but been waiting for clarity---when someone is super charged with stress and fear it gets harder for me to see what is clarity and not just your worries. I am hoping you would calm down long enough--maybe things would settle down and spirit suggested be patient as the storm would blow over. As for the b reast pain---what I meant by back issues is that one may not know the problem is in the back because there is no pain in the back. Often pain is felt somewhere else than the place that causes it--it's a radiating pain---usually caused by nerve pressure. If the b reast pain is with a tenderness to touch--like pms--then that is a hormone issue. Breast cancer rarely comes with pain--that's why it gets unoticed---pain usually shows up later in the gland areas near the b reasts. Lymphoma--cancer of the lymphs can be a tendernes in the glands that are underneath the chest wall area but usually are felt in the upper back. If you are older than forty five it may be hormones unbalanced before menopause---menopause can have symptons for years in long stages. My impression is hormone related but more caused by ADRENAL EXHAUSTION. Go to a good health food store and ask someone who knows their stuff about supplements to aid adrenal exhaustion. Long intense periods of stress and to little sleep can cause that and the adrenals can effect the hormones. You can go online as well and look up symptoms and advice for adrenal exhaustion--just go to the info sights--avoid the sights that are in buisness to sell you something. My impression is you have to let go of some heavy things---spirit says too too much. Something has to give as you are at a breaking point. You have little energy to dig yourself out of the past---spirit suggest you must let go as you can't do it all--redeem the past AND have the energy to move forward and solve immediate needs. Mostly I get that you need to let go of more--just let it go and be patient and let the universe do its thing as some issues from the past are not done and may surprise you. I'm in a rush to be somewhere----hope this gives you some answers-----will respond again. BLESSINGS!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012 15:09 PST

Dear Blmoon,

I did not get a sign from Spirit unless it were your message which did help me enormously. I did a great deal of crying and I feel drained. I have not heard from him since the 27th of December and I am very sad. Although he is behaving abominably towards me, I feel no anger, just sadness. I still worry about him and I love him… I have the feeling that he is very unhappy… I have been sleeping a bit better… The night of Saturday to Sunday I slept rather well and I just did not want to wake up, not as usual because I am afraid of the day ahead, but because I felt good.

Could you help me with a recurring dream my most trusted friend has been having since Christmas? She came to see me today and she told me that she dreams she died from a heart attack. She is in an open coffin with white lining. She knows she has just been put in the coffin. Her husband and three sons are sitting next to each other facing the coffin as if in a chapel. They are wearing dark suits and black ties. They look solemn but don’t cry. The light is soft. There is no one else. I asked her what she felt and she said “nothing, I am dead”. I can tell this has been worrying her and while she was here she got a pain in the chest which was still there when she left. I told her to see a doctor and she said she would. She also told me that she cannot eat and she cannot sleep. I noticed that she had lost weight. I would very much appreciate your insight whenever you can.
Bless you.

Radiant Sun

Wednesday, January 18, 2012 10:44 PST

Not what you expected BUT---There's your sign! But first have something to tell you important the post above to cancer64--after I closed and ran off I got a vision of YOU and sprit said that my responce to her had a relivent coicidence. The health advice. There is a connection with YOUR hormones and adrenal exhaustion as well but was told not to ignore the spiritual symptoms as your problem was mind body and Spirit--connected and if you just treat the physical and ignore the rest it will be only a quik fix and the immediate need was to purge and rest as you need to treat that as the cause. But it is not just your emotional state. You do have a hormone imbalance caused by adrenal exhaustion and age related and should visit the health store as well but treat your current condition as mind body spirit and understand it's not just physical but connected.
Your friends dream----oh my--again how relevant! Again we are talking about mind body spirit. She is a walking example to YOU of this ----it is real and you saw it---exhaustion---giving too much---inability as a healer nurturer empath to shield themselves---I struggle as well--all psychics do. She is at the same stage as you--it has nothing to do with life events being the same but she is in your perdicament. You saw in her the physical manifestation of complete exhaustion on all leves. She is having anxiety attacks and yes should see a doctor to at least ease her mind---letting this go can truelly manifest illness--you could see already a "change" This dream is a startling wake up call--it is not prophetic---she fears that. Most death dreams are not literal. If it were her time and nothing could change that spirit would never be so cruel to torture her for weeks like that. I am psychic and have had a very good pshychic do my readings for ten years and no one told me my son would die-----if it were his time---why be so cruel. Spirit just doesn't work like that. Her dream is warning her that death has other meanings---death of one's self also is real on a spiritual level--too much giving and absorbing---leaves one empty--without feelings of their own--that's why she felt nothing. You said she is intuitive--pretty good at it so I know the symptoms as it is part of that gift. Dreams like these tell are best anilized by FEELINGS---the images often takeover but the feelings are telling. They contradict a true funeral----to be truelly dead whould be most joyful and she would not be in the coffin she'd be looking down out of her body---the coffin represents being TRAPPED. Because she feels nothing that's the body talking. Her body betrays her---empaths know this--that they absorb others---she even absorbed YOU---your exact words last week---you felt dead inside--no joy? Also, her husband and sons--no tears--no emotions? That is not a funeral either---that is her NEED--her fear that allows her to keep giving---it is her nature and family is the closest challange--that's why no one else was shown. She needs them to need her and it traps her yet how can that be--when they are EVERYTHING to her--surely it's all good? She would feel too guilty to not allow them to need her--she wants to give them everything--she wants to use her gift to save them from all pain all upcoming problems. OH how exhausting and impossible and yes---keeping up with that need can kill you--first spiritually as it will distract you to the point of losing touch with the voice that does protect you----next is physical---many psychics and healers struggle with anxiety attacks or depression and other exhaustion related illnesses. Her dream speaks to you as well.Both of you have given to the point of losing "something" that something for both of you feels like a death. I'm feeling tired myself right now but hope just this much turns on a light for you both. I will check in later BLESSINGS!
PS---the white lining in the coffin being noticed--white both represents illness AND protection---she is surrounded right now by a very insistand angel---probably her guarding Angel who is protecting her from illness---telling her she is not trapped by her gift and will get skills to manage it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012 15:35 PST

Thank you so much for your help about my friend. I can see much truth in what you say. I will talk to her about it tomorrow. Today she told me she would make an appointment with the doctor tomorrow. Our situations are different, but I agree that there are things we have in common.

For myself, I will not have the time to look into this adrenal exhaustion thing this week but I will as soon as I can. I am really trapped and no light at the end of the tunnel. I don't know how to get out of my marriage and my husband is taking full advantage of the situation, enjoying our lively home while I am in a furnished flat where I don't even have the comfort of my own things around me. Today he asked me if I was going to an event which is important to him - and we had talked about that at Christmas - and I told him I would have to miss some work but I would go and he told me that the woman he is involved with will be there and he just wanted me to know it. I told him I would think about it. I talked to my son about this and he said that under those conditions he would not go and he thinks I shouldn't go either. I have no intention of putting myself in that situation. None of this makes sense. He is having fun and enjoying all the comforts while I am struggling to survive and get my son through college. When my ex came back into my life I thought that God had finally remembered me and I too had a chance of happiness... but I am grateful for my son, he is a great kid.
I really appreciate your help and valuable advice. Please don't tire yourself out.
Love an Blessings
Radiant Sun

Wednesday, January 18, 2012 20:25 PST

Listen to your son. You should have told your x that you'd rather just hit yourself in the head with a board and call it day than go! And you are right about not dealing with the supplements yet as one step at a time. Right now you are in retreat---totaly depleted and really you need your "home" to embrace you right now. My home is my energy boost---I only surround myself with joyful things. You DO need that. I will say a prayer so this phase of recharge speeds up and your'e things come back to you--or at least you find a new haven that feels like home. It does make a difference. It's like you are being tested on this issue of preserving your energy sources. Your x is stripping you dry---say no to that invite.

My prayer for you.
Dear Angel Michael, Mighty protector of all things weak and wounded and the protector of the biggest hearts, the meek---you understand the most generouse. You who are also gifted with the mightiest sword to serve and protect where justice is needed most--Please, as God's own right hand lend your strength to this woman who needs lifting and empowering. Please help her receive her joyfull things so she may enjoy that gift of apreciation. She is grateful and apreciates beauty and gifts that project the energy of love and giving. She needs to be in herself her home. Bring joy into her life again so she has the energy to make the changes that will protect her from ever having to pass this test again. Fill her with your wisdom so she can learn that balance between head and heart. Give her the sword to protect her big heart. Teach her to use it for her own protection--to love herself--to be a mother to herself ready to protect without guilt--fiercly---Justly. Speak to her as she sleeps so she may be guided and please speak through her x's guarding Angel relay to him her prayer--convince him to raise his own spirit by treating her justly and with COMPASSION. Make him see past his own selfish little world and help him know---he can ease her pain and it will serve him too. Beg of him to remember he was born a child of God and must answer his soul purpose. Beg him persistently to do the right thing. Help her get her strength and she will never forget this blessing and will honor herself and her needs from this day so that she can serve you. Help make her whole so she may be a healing light to others and pass on this gift she is about to receive. Thank you dear Michael! AMEN.. .

Thursday, January 19, 2012 8:22 PST

Dear Blmoon, I am afraid I might have created some confusion here with my ex and my still legal husband. Maybe I should use initials for them. My ex is 'C', the man I love who has been causing me so much anguish with his depression and confusion and has self-esteem problems with his job and I think he loves me despite his inexplicable silence. My husband is my son's father and he is the one who lives in our home and is involved with some woman, that is 'J'. I am sorry I have made this rather confusing. 'J' is not my ex yet that is why I used both terms, husband and ex. 'C' is the one I called my ex because I was married to him many years ago and we met again after all those years and we found that we loved each other more than ever. He was in an unhappy relationship and I in an unhappy marriage away from home as I am now. 'J' is the one I am still legally married to and that is the marriage I don’t know how to get out of. He has been acting very selfish, and he takes advantage of everything we have and doesn't care how my son and I manage. He can be verbally very aggressive and he upsets me very much. I have been trying to avoid having a permanent war for my son's sake. I hope this is a little clearer now, I think it is important because the two situations are totally separate. But I might have lost 'C' because I did not go to live with him straight away since I was still married. Most confusing, I know. Please ask any specific questions where you need clarification.

I shall most certainly not go to that event, I have my dignity. My son is right and I cannot imagine what kind of father would want to put his son in such a situation. My son asked me what about making my life with 'C', I said there did not seem to be much hope of that and he said that that was not the impression he had had. He says that the few times he saw 'C', he really seem to be very much in love with me. He know we did not had an affair, but he thinks we are so good together and we have so much in common... Like me, he does not understand and thinks it is the depression. It is an even bigger mess than you though I'm afraid...

I did not sleep much last night and I kept thinking about you and what I wanted to say to you. I feel with you the loss of your son, I think nothing can be as terrible as to lose a child. My heart goes to you and all I am going through is very little in comparison. Thank you so much for the prayer and the lovely picture and for praying for me.

Love and Blessings
Radiant Sun

Thursday, January 19, 2012 10:23 PST

Don't worry---I used x knowing exactly in my mind who's energy that was and God knows----When I'm in the flow of a message and stumped for names or titles I rarely stop go back and reread other posts as it interupts the connection so I just grab on to the energy and I think you knew who I was talking about when I prayed----the prayer was to include a man--an energy towads you that is vindictive--selfish and still an issue even at a distance-----he can make a difference if he can change his "bully" nature. I see them both as your x. What I pick up are both their energies---both are detached but one is downright cruel----insecure and finds security in being tough---a dictator energy. It masks a weak man full of fears---he is a child---overcompensates by being tough---confuses that with cruelty--in his mind he is strong and just and think others are too weak to understand. Time is running out for him to change and he could change his "mark" left on the world---or not. As for the last x or relationship----let that go for now---your son sounds ntuitive--a bit psychic----he is picking up POSSABILITY. What's in the way is about you both being healed so you can embrace RECEIVING". I know you are broken open---at the bottom and looking from there it's hard to imagine a lovely view! This place will pass---you have nothing left----there is a common passage in most religions of this crossroads were great things only come--change FROM NOTHING---the Budhists talk a lot about this---the divine gift of an empty cup. Out with the old--which was not working for you at all. Just trust once you get strength back you will choose better--fill your cup with things that feed your true spirit--who you are. Not going to that invite is already a right choice not to fill your cup with anything that drains. And maintain that intention and other things will gather for you according to the energy you gather. BLESSINGS!

Thursday, January 19, 2012 14:46 PST

Dear Blmoon,

Thank you so much. I know who you meant when you prayed and your prayer could not hurt either of them. I just wanted to explain so that you have a clearer image of the situation. They are both hurting me whether they mean to or not. Why this cruelty, this vindictiveness ? I feel no anger or resentment towards either of them or towards anyone. I don’t hate anyone, how can I attract such hatred ? I am totally exhausted but I feel calm and I know I owe it to you. You are a wonderful person. My son is very sensitive and protects himself from his father by ignoring him, by not caring, but he is concerned about me and he wants to see me happy. Perhaps that is all it is, wishful thinking… I like the image of the empty cup… I shall try to fill it with as much joy and beauty as I can.

I talked to my friend about her dream and what you said about it. She was very impressed with your insight; she saw so much truth in your words. She is going to think about it and we shall talk again next week.

Love an Blessings
Radiant Sun