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Weekend Love: Lunar Love

This Weekend's
Romantic Rating

  • Aries ***
  • Taurus *--
  • Gemini ***
  • Cancer *--
  • Leo ***
  • Virgo *--
  • Libra ***
  • Scorpio *--
  • Sagittarius ***
  • Capricorn *--
  • Aquarius ***
  • Pisces *--

*   These heart ratings are based on the Lunar cycle. They range from 0 to 3, with 0 indicating a rocky weekend for romance and 3 indicating plenty of passionate potential.

It's Electric!

July 3 - 5

The Moon will be in Aquarius until Sunday morning assuring that your weekend has plenty of opportunity for unexpected emotional encounters. Luckily, there's an abundance of supportive communications energy to go along with the Moon's trek through the most detached sign in the zodiac. This will ensure that no matter how logical you attempt to be when it comes to your feelings, you'll still have an easy time expressing them to someone close.

In fact, with Mercury connected to Jupiter on Friday and then Venus on Sunday you can look forward to amazing romantic conversations that take you to the most unexpected places! When the Moon enters Pisces on Sunday you'll be in a dreamier emotional place. This will support matters of the heart even more.

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