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Weekend Love: Lunar Love

This Weekend's
Romantic Rating

  • Aries ***
  • Taurus **-
  • Gemini ***
  • Cancer **-
  • Leo ***
  • Virgo **-
  • Libra ***
  • Scorpio **-
  • Sagittarius ***
  • Capricorn **-
  • Aquarius ***
  • Pisces **-

*   These heart ratings are based on the Lunar cycle. They range from 0 to 3, with 0 indicating a rocky weekend for romance and 3 indicating plenty of passionate potential.

Maximizing happiness

September 2 - 4

The Moon will be in relationship-oriented Libra all weekend long, supporting sweet love potential for you and someone close.

The Moon will embrace Venus -- also in Libra -- early Saturday morning. This lends to a genuine ability for you and your sweetheart to relate to one another. You both care about each other's needs, viewpoints, and desires, and want to do what you can to maximize each other's happiness. This weekend, partnership really does matter.

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