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*   These heart ratings are based on the Lunar cycle. They range from 0 to 3, with 0 indicating a rocky weekend for romance and 3 indicating plenty of passionate potential.

Mostly Cloudy

May 29 - 31

It doesn't really matter what the Moon is doing this weekend because the planet Neptune will overwhelm each of us with his nebulous fog. On Friday, the Moon will be in relationship-oriented Libra but she won't exactly be at peace. Adding to the mix will be a square between communication planet Mercury to Neptune. Mercury is also retrograde. Ouch! Conversations in love will not only be misleading but you might feel like you keep repeating your words to deaf ears.

Then, on Saturday the Moon enters Scorpio but is overshadowed by a square between the Sun and Neptune which is exact on Sunday morning. You might feel extra intensity in the emotional department, but you'll also feel confused -- as if you can't trust what you feel. Second-guessing yourself in matters of the heart will be par for the course this weekend. Be gentle with yourself and remember; the Sun is always behind the clouds.

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