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Weekend Love: Lunar Love

This Weekend's
Romantic Rating

  • Aries ***
  • Taurus **-
  • Gemini ***
  • Cancer **-
  • Leo ***
  • Virgo **-
  • Libra ***
  • Scorpio **-
  • Sagittarius ***
  • Capricorn **-
  • Aquarius ***
  • Pisces **-

*   These heart ratings are based on the Lunar cycle. They range from 0 to 3, with 0 indicating a rocky weekend for romance and 3 indicating plenty of passionate potential.

Get Lucky

September 19 - 21

Expect to be lucky in love this weekend -- or to simply "get lucky!" The Moon will be in Leo from Friday until Sunday, and you can't beat this sign when it comes to pleasure and romance!

On Saturday, the Moon will make delicious aspects to lucky Jupiter and surprise-a-minute Uranus, adding to the fun potential you'll have with someone special.

On Sunday, the Moon will enter Virgo, and with the Moon in Virgo things get a little toned down. However, a friendly sextile between Venus and Saturn assures that love will remain stable and secure.

On Sunday night, you and your mate will likely indulge in sharing sexual fantasies together, thanks to Mars being square Neptune. You might want to keep this purely theoretical, however, because if you try to turn the fantasy into reality during the square, you'll only feel disappointment.

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