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July 24, 2014

Happy Birthday

Today ...

You have a need to be on the stage, so make sure you choose work that doesn't force you to hide in a nameless, formless cubicle.

Your Leo Horoscope:

Your imagination may be too active for your own good today; you could annoy your coworkers by cutting them off before they complete their thoughts. They might think you are hungry for attention and can't stand to share the spotlight. However, from your perspective, it's just a matter of expediency. A Sun-Jupiter conjunction in your sign fills you with bravado, prompting you to push harder to accomplish your objectives. Paradoxically, giving others an opportunity to shine ultimately improves your chances of reaching your destination.

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Facts About Today

This day in history ...

July 24th In 1866, Tennessee became the first Confederate state to be readmitted to the Union. In 2005, Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France for a record-breaking seventh time.

Your Link to Fame!

Famous people born on this day:

  • Anna Paquin
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Lynda Carter

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Party Like a Leo!

What to Wear: Nothing that could possibly out-class the guest of honor. Arrange to fade into the background when the "star" makes a grand entrance.

What to Eat: Caviar, foie gras, Chateaubriand and, of course, truffles!

Guests: If heads of state can't make themselves available, check if Oprah, The Donald and Ah-nold might squeeze the soiree into their schedules.

Location: A palace (or a diner that can be decorated like one) would be rather appropriate.

Cake: Almond torte, even if the Rombauer sisters describe it as "unattainably difficult". (Yes, you're supposed to go to that much trouble!)

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