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March 5, 2015

Happy Birthday

Today ...

Your artistic sensitivity amazes the people around you; but you realize you're only channeling little bits of nature's wonder.

Your Pisces Horoscope:

Even the best relationships seem like an enigma today as the perfectionist Virgo Full Moon rattles your 7th House of Others. A close friend or partner might suddenly become overly demanding of your time or critical of your work now, and the most casual interaction could be emotionally overwhelming. Thankfully, retreating into your imagination offers everyone a bit of much-needed breathing room. Paradoxically, taking care of yourself first deepens your well of compassion for the rest of the world in the long run.

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Facts About Today

This day in history ...

March 5th The pre-Revolutionary War Boston Massacre occurred in 1770. Winston Churchill delivered his famous Iron curtain speech in 1946. Soviet dictator Josef Stalin died in 1953.

Your Link to Fame!

Famous people born on this day:

  • Penn Jillette
  • Eva Mendes
  • Andy Gibb

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Party Like a Pisces!

What to Wear: Soft pastels and relaxed-looking shirts, pants and skirts. Fairy godmother and knight in shining armor outfits are optional.

What to Eat: Clam chowder, shrimp cocktail, baked-stuffed fish and sea scallops.

Guests: All the millions of people who find their way into sentimental Pisces' humongous heart.

Location: The nearest animal shelter ... or a church basement.

Cake: Raspberry rum cake, aka a trifle. Like Pisces, it's wet, wild, beautiful, and packs a little punch.

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