Always Be "In Sync"

You don’t have to wait for the planets to align perfectly to get what you want.

Get relationship advice from the planets to make the most of any social connection. For hook-ups or break-ups ... and asking for raises or favors, you will have the inside scoop on how the other person is thinking and may react!

How Does AstroSync Work?

A Diagram of AstroSync: Astrology Compatibility

AstroSync is always tracking the Moon, which affects relationships, communication and emotion. You just enter your birth date and your friends' birth date, and AstroSync will give you...


A Green Light:

Go for it! Send them a text, give them a call or make your move.


A Yellow Light:

Proceed with caution! It might be fine to talk, but phrase things carefully.


A Red Light:

Put on the brakes! Not the best time to ask your boss for a raise.

Choose Your AstroSync

AstroSync Report

Get a quick, 24-hour compatibility report for anyone you choose. It's only $1.95 or 10 Karma Coins(R) tokens. Get My Report

AstroSync Subscriptions

You get unlimited AstroSync reports -- every day for any and all of your friends. It's cheaper than getting individual reports, and the first month is free! Learn more about a risk free trial subscription

AstroSync Is The Ultimate Relationship
Compatibility Horoscope

Always know how you'll get along with anyone at any time.

AstroSync helps you know when to approach you boss for a raise, the best time to ask someone out, when to bring up a difficult subject, when to avoid people you don't get along with ... and more.

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