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Tarot and Astrology Correlations

Gain deeper insight through your sign's connection to the Major Arcana

by Judi Vitale

Understanding and insight are the biggest gifts esoteric arts such as Tarot and Astrology have to offer. We can learn how to cash in on our assets and work around our emotional deficits when we open ourselves to all the elements that influence our being.

Tarot and Astrology share many common threads. In fact, the spiritual guardians who passed Tarot through the generations designated twelve of the Major Arcana cards to correlate to the twelve signs of the zodiac. The powerful symbols of Tarot allow us to unlock further symbolic clues as to how we can come to terms with our astrological signs, embrace the burning spirit of our archetypes and make the most out of the experience of life on earth.

Look at the table below to find your sign, and your Major Arcana card. You'll find valuable tools that you can use to unlock the doors that deepen and enhance your life's journey. Look at your esoteric title, your kabbalistic path and attributes, your color, scent and gem of power. By doing so you can equip yourself with understanding and pure wisdom as you make your way through the Tree of Life.

Remember -- in a reading, these cards can sometimes help you identify people that were born under the signs of the cards, and help you sense the timing of events through the time period covered by each sign. Try a reading now and see what might be revealed!

Strong and decisive, Aries is a natural leader. Even before being elected or appointed, Aries will usually take charge.

Esoteric Title: Sun of the Morning; Chief Among the Mighty
Path: Chokmah-Tiphareth
Positive: Supreme self-confidence and an inner drive to rule
Negative: A tendency to impose one's will to the point of total tyranny
Color: Red
Scent: Eucalyptus
Gem: Onyx or Quartz

Taurus likes to keep the status quo, so of course the bull would vibrate to the ultimate symbol of authority.

Esoteric Title: Magus of the Eternal
Path: Chokmah-Chesed
Positive: Sheer will and determination to preserve what has been established
Negative: Prejudice against any person, group or idea that might threaten the status quo
Color: Deep Indigo and Rich Brown
Scent: Frankincense
Gem: Amethyst

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Always on the lookout for a significant other, Gemini aptly symbolizes the eternal search for completion through unity and love.

Esoteric Title: Children of the Voice; Oracle of the Mighty Gods
Path: Binah-Tiphareth
Positive: Willingness and desire to merge with another
Negative: Unfaithfulness, as a result of always looking for something "better"
Color: Mauve
Scent: Musk
Gem: Rose Quartz

Nurturing and protective, Cancer holds tightly to the Holy Grail so that it will remain intact, no matter the destination or the roughness of the road ahead.

Esoteric Title: Child of the Powers of the Waters; Lord of the Triumph of Light
Path: Binah-Giburah
Positive: Receptivity and the anticipation of the needs of those in Cancer's care
Negative: Pretentiousness -- often to "prove" that he or she is needed
Color: Amber
Scent: Cedar
Gem: Garnet

Leo's courage and pride are obvious, but its Major Arcana image captures this brave sign's ability to bring the best out in others through teaching and example.

Esoteric Title: Daughter of the Flaming Sword
Path: Chesed-Geburah
Positive: Fearlessness and the ability to boost people's morale
Negative: Over-indulgence and a lust for power
Color: Deep Purple
Scent: Patchouli
Gem: Ruby

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Virgo the Virgin is the keeper of the hearth. In this symbolic image, the Hermit (also "pure" of heart) lovingly protects the Orphic Egg.

Esoteric Title: Prophet of the Eternal; Magus of the Voice of Power
Path: Chesed-Tiphareth
Positive: By tending to every detail, Virgo maximizes growth and development
Negative: Being oblivious to the fine line between perfectionism and self-criticism
Color: Yellow-Green
Scent: Juniper
Gem: Diamond

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