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9-Star Ki Astrology

The Ki to Your Energy
Learn how connecting with your unique ki can lead to a more fulfilling life

Everyone has their own unique energy, or “ki.” All of us have strengths and talents that can point us toward success, vibrant health and fulfilling relationships. Yet, we don’t always know how to connect with our energies or how to make the best use of our strengths. When we are in tune with our personal energy, we feel balanced and in harmony with the world. On the other hand, when we are doing things against our true nature, our energy is drained. That’s why it’s so important to resonate with all the different energies that make you unique.

9-Star Ki Astrology Identifies Your Energy
9-Star Ki Astrology is an ancient Japanese interpretation of a divination system that was originally used in Tibet. All forms of Astrology have one ultimate goal: to teach people more about themselves. 9-Star Ki Astrology goes further, helping you connect with who you are on the deepest level possible. This type of Astrology sheds light on your one-of-a-kind personality traits, mental and emotional nature, plus gifts and challenges -- it even creates a personal horoscope for a glimpse into your future. You can also learn about your personal elements, so you can complement your personal strengths and work around potential weaknesses. For instance, if you are the sensitive sort to whom everyone pours out their heart, you probably have the receptive Water star in your horoscope. Others might value your sympathetic ear, but you should be careful to protect yourself from being dumped on.

9-Star Ki Astrology

What’s Your Ki?

Connect with your cosmic energy. Learn all about your character and the universal energy that defines your potential as a human being. Get your 9-Star Ki Astrology Birth Report -- it’s as easy as one, two, Ki!

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How It Works
9-Star Ki Astrology uses your unique birth date and the power of key star patterns in ancient eastern theory to calculate your personal ki. While traditional Astrology only identifies 12 personality types, 9-Star Ki pinpoints 81 different personality types, making it one of the most precise forms of Astrology available.

Every 9-Star Ki birth chart includes three numbers: your Energy Number, which relates to how you appear to others; your Character Number, which indicates your emotional nature; and your Natal Number, which reveals your life’s purpose. These three numbers combine to form a personalized horoscope. Based on this information, 9-Star Ki Astrology provides an in-depth analysis of different energies in your life and how they support you. You can use this knowledge to focus your natural talents and resources in order to overcome challenges (whether they are personal, professional, spiritual or in relationships). Once you truly connect with your unique ki, you will find that it's easier to harness that energy to overcome obstacles that might block your path to fulfillment.